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While we wait for the governments and leaders of the world to wake up to the existential threat of climate change, we must remember that we can still play our part to help by changing our ways and to fight for our future.

We know that reducing waste and eliminating pollution in our environment from plastic is very high on the priority list, so what can we do at home to help?

It is estimated that the average household throws away – into the garbage – about 4kg of food waste every week. That’s cooked and uncooked food waste consisting of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, bones and wheat-based foods. It is difficult to compost all of this because compost systems usually cannot take all of our food waste, and the compost environment must be balanced to work effectively.

So, it’s great to hear that our local council – Banyule Council – is offering generous rebates on “THE GREEN CONE”. What is the Green Cone? Well, it’s a maintenance-free composter, and it’s solar-powered – but you don’t need to plug it… it uses the power of the sun to work its magic, which is returning all of our food waste – and pet poo too! – back to the soil.

The Green Cone breaks down all the food waste (and pet poo!) and what’s left is a nutrient-rich compost that seeps back into the surrounding soil. It only needs to be buried 40cm deep into a sunny area of your garden to be able to work its magic – maintenance-free!

Contact Banyule council to get your Green Cone for $80 (usually they cost almost $300, or $229 from Bunnings!).
If your family is currently throwing all of its food waste into the garbage, tell them about the Green Cone, and don’t forget that it “eats” pet poo too! Yuck!

…by the way, not many people know this, but if you are caught walking your dog and not cleaning up after your dog if they poo in public, you can be fined up to $495! So put that poo to use and let it return to the soil and improve the cycle of life, while reducing our environmental impact.

Isabella Compson - News Report

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Green cones can be purchased from the Admin Office at the

Bellfield Waste Recovery Centre or
the Banyule Council Customer Service Centre, Greensborough at 1 Flintoff St.